A walk up La Maroma

La Maroma can be seen from Nerja looking west towards Velez Malaga, it is the mountain that seems wide and low and usually the first place you can see snow on in the winter. Here is a story of a walk to the summit:

A clear morning in May in Nerja and Marc, Mary, Katie and Bonnie (who is a dog by the way) set off at 8am to meet our experienced guides Mike and Ros. You can see Mike at Irish Annie’s entertaining the crowds on Sednesday and Sunday evenings.
We met in Periana and after a bacon sandwich to clear the slight hangover from the night before, we drove to the starting point at the Sendero el Robledal. This is the easiest route to the summit of La Maroma and involves a 1000 meter ascent on the exposed unmarked top of the dome of the mountain.
Walking boots are essential along with plenty of water and warm clothing and a compass and don’t forget to tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be back.
Climbing through mixed forest, the track quickly becomes steep making you think it is going to be a long hard slog and then you reach a beautiful view point taking in the snow tpped Sierra Nevada and the fertile plains below.
Another steep haul and we are out of the trees crossing the ridge to the seaward side of the mountain. This is where it got quite windy and jumpers were called for and we also saw that we were above the clouds that were on the windward side of the mountain.
We were later told that people thought we wouldn’t bother with the walk as it was such a lousy day back in Nerja, but here on the mountain it was a beautiful day, real top of the world stuff!
From here on the path is much less clear and some parts were along the edge of almost vertical drops.
Even Bonnie who usually barks everytime you stop moving (let’s keep going, this isn’t fun!) was strangely quiet in this lunar landscape.
After a long flat rocky trudge the summit marker came into sight which we were all gald to see as it meant lunch and the achievement of our goal, although at the time I am not sure which was more important!
As we sat down to eat our sandwiches and chocolate some mountain Ibex came into  sight, a rare treat and a bonus to our ascent (2065m alt)

There was just one last challenge, the summit post which is at least 4 meters high and with metal rungs set into the stone. With barely room to stand on the top along with high winds I didn’t want to stay up there too long and I was very impressd when Mary climbed up too despite her vertigo.
The descent was beautiful, everyone felt good with a sense of achievement  and we could all really enjoy the views in a different light.
Back to our start point and it was nice to see the van was still there and we could relax and get our walking boots off and get back home to Nerja.
Tapas and beer always taste better when you have earned them.
Many thanks to team leader Mike, Mountain Goat Ros, Katie the Maroma Queen, Mary the Spacegirl and thanks to me for putting up with the buggers.
Marc May 2011

la maroma a walk up La Maroma Ibex on La Maroma
above the clouds on mountain la maroma view to sierra nevada from la maroma
m nm la maroma
lunchtime on la maroma on top of La Maroma

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  1. Knew you were hikers ,but that was very impressive.Congrats to all!!!Missing Nerja as we have had the wettest spring here in our part of Canada and as of June 7 still do not have most of our crops planted.

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