Nudist beach

Cantarron Beach. About a tweny minutes drive to the East of Nerja on the old coast road , the turn off is before the big tunnel (Cerro Gordo) near the big white sign on the right for La Herradura. It looks like a big lay-by and the sign naturist beach is easily missed but the sign for the natural park is close to the track down to the beach.
The track used to be absolutely awful with great big pot holes, but now it has been “re-surfaced” you can get down in any vehicle.
The beach is a bay that is flanked on either side by the mountains that run down to the sea, the sand is quite good, although on the pebbly side.
You don’t have to go nude but a lot do, and it seems a good spot for scuba diving as almost everyday there are divers here.
There are sun beds and umbrellas for hire, but you do get waiter service from the boy you pay the beds for. A tip is expected for this service.
The food at the two bar restaurants is good although as usual after 2pm they are very busy.
Thanks to Brian O’Donnel for the more recent photographs. (bottom two)

cantarron beach by Brian O'Donnel Cantarron--by-Brian-O'Donne


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  1. this was an amazing beach… the drive down to it was also beautiful… the mood at the beach was a calm quiet relaxed one… we went there 4 times through out our holiday and enjoyed it more than any of the rest… the restaurants were nice but pricey so if your on a budjet id advise to bring your own beach food such as rolls oranges peaches water… etc. as you are a bit of a drive from anywhere else… also the water was beautiful… warm clear and dead calm… a maz ing!

  2. Beach is called Cantarran, the road is closed in the high season but you can get the mini-bus for €3 return. It is a beautiful beach and I highly recommend the paella in La Barraca restaurant.

    The beach is actually my wallpaper on the laptop!!!

  3. I don’t think there is a bus service that goes along the coast road anymore, pity really…..

  4. According to the website the bus does stop on the main road (old coast road) at the entrance to the road down to the beach. The bus stop name is Cantarrija and the fare is 2.10.
    It is a fair hike down to the beach tho :)
    If you look at Google maps and search for “Cantarrija, Almuñécar, España” you can see the bus stop and the track down to the beach.

  5. Anyone needs a lift to any of these beaches or other areas put the petrol in my vw camper and i will drive you there and pick you up. A tip for me would be optional.

  6. Gareth.

    If your still in the area we are in Nerja from the 30th August and would love to arrange a lift to and from the nudist beach, and of course you would be covered for your time and fuel. hope you read this.

  7. I am in Nerja during early September and wouldn’t mind begging a lift from anyone going to Cantarron Beach. Would also interested in joining a group or another couple going to the beach – such a lovely place and great for that all over tan.

  8. Went here last October – fantastic beach! My wife lying naked on a beach – something I thought I would never see!
    Spent 3 afternoons here that week – no tan lines!
    Hope to returnsoon.

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